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Venzee Reinforces Digital Supply Chain Innovation by Enhancing API Technology for Enterprise Channel Partners

Vancouver, BC – August 13, 2018 - Venzee Technologies Inc. (TSX-V:VENZ) (“Venzee” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has reinforced its API (application programming interface) technology, Mesh, for content distribution, in anticipation of impending client partnerships. The Mesh API enables data to flow seamlessly across disparate systems for any database, in any industry, across any system limitation, enabling digitized data aggregation and distribution and automatic transformation of data to meet endpoint requirements. Mesh’s seamless data exchange capabilities are particularly fitting for enterprise digital supply chain and answers the space’s growing product data challenges. Mesh API provides enhanced product content exchange and distribution by enabling the full digitization of product content distribution from brands, manufacturers, and other suppliers out to the many retailers that sell their products.

Many organizations struggle with the large amount of data that is produced and processed daily through distribution and brand partnerships. Users spend a large portion of their time browsing retail options, which is created and stored in different types of systems, such as Product Information Management (PIM), Content Management System (CMS), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Enterprise Resource Management (ERM), and Master Data Management (MDM) and many more. The attempts from organizations to migrate content to one central system often turn out to be impractical and very expensive. Organizations are, therefore, looking for content integration and real-time retrieval of data from multiple sources. Mesh addresses this integration need.

Mesh leverages Venzee’s current software offering by adding key capabilities designed to meet the demands of the Company’s growing number of partner engagements with industry leaders. This API will allow these partners to connect their software offering to the distribution capabilities within Venzee’s current software offering.

Peter Mackay, CEO of Venzee, commented, “Partners integrating with Mesh furthers our mission to create seamless data automation. Speed to market is critical for retail and supply chain, and with Mesh, an everyday PIM or ERP solution can easily plug in.” Mackay continued, “We now have 30 potential channel partners evaluating the Mesh API, which can lead to greatly increased revenue growth and market share for Venzee.”

The patent pending Mesh API is an industry first and designed to be future proof by including support for Blockchain technology, which is seeing increasing adoption by industry leaders including Walmart, IBM, Barclays Bank to name a few. Venzee will provide developers with technical documentation, sample source code and reference guides, to create seamless access to retailers and brands.

Channel Partner Update

Venzee's channel partners are primarily technology-focused companies and global system integrators, such PIMs, CMSs, DAMs, ERMs, and MDMs, which benefit by providing Venzee's solutions to their current and future customers.

Channel partners significantly expand the Company's ability to introduce, educate and sell Venzee content exchange products across multiple retail, distribution and manufacturing clients.

Venzee's targeted channel partners act as a marketing and sales force multiplier validating and endorsing the Venzee platform while promoting the Venzee value proposition across a significant customer base.

The Venzee platform complements the majority of content management systems used today by mid-market and larger retail, distribution and manufacturing companies. The Venzee platform provides any content management system with scalable, reliable and efficient content ingestion and distribution capabilities.

Venzee is currently in advanced discussion with more than 30 potential enterprise channel partners, of which 2 have signed strategic agreements. Many of these potential partners have a strong market share in their respective verticals in North America.