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Venzee hires Abrams, Montross as VPs

Venzee Technologies Inc. has added John Abrams and Peter Montross to its sales and partner development team. Both Mr. Abrams and Mr. Montross join Venzee from Shotfarm, a Chicago-based competitor to Venzee, to lead the enterprise sales and partnership growth.

Joining Venzee as vice-president of sales, Mr. Montross brings over 28 years of experience in the retail industry, delivering strong revenue performance and growth. Mr. Montross has extensive sales experience and success with software-as-a-service content exchange solutions, business intelligence products and product information management software products and services.

On the announcement of appointment, Mr. Montross comments: "I am very excited to join the team and build upon the momentum that Venzee is already creating in the industry. Venzee's innovative and differentiated technology automates, streamlines and accelerates the transformation and delivery of product content between manufacturers and retailers, providing incredible value to a retail industry desperately in need of tools to optimize the digital supply chain."

Joining Venzee as VP of partner development, Mr. Abrams brings more than two decades of experience building high-volume, consumer-relevant digital supply chains in regulated and globally distributed industries. His work with brands including the McDonald's Corp. and Cardinal Health helped reduce cost, improve processes and transform the customer experience on a global scale.

At Venzee, Mr. Abrams will lead partner engagement activities and work primarily with enterprise-level content management services which require reliable, high-volume, product syndication solutions for their clients in retail, distribution and manufacturing.

According to Mr. Abrams, "Venzee offers the sophisticated API-based tools required to do more than just remain relevant in retail today, but grow market share and improve customer engagement with highly relevant product content."

Mr. Abrams has served on both public and private boards including a peer-elected position at GS1 Healthcare based in Brussels, Belgium.

Peter Mackay, chief executive officer of Venzee, comments: "John and Peter join us with incredible knowledge and experience driving strategic growth into the retail industry for SaaS modeled companies. They recognized the potential of our technology for retailers and vendors and I am confident they will bring a wealth of traction to the company. John and Peter's leadership and industry relationships will be extremely valuable as we continue to grow our distribution and sales of Venzee's core technology platform in the enterprise world."