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Venzee Tech provides automation software to Korbet

Korbet Bleu, a home goods e-commerce retailer, has selected Venzee Technologies Inc. to automate the process of adding and updating products to the Korbet Bleu website.

Korbet Bleu updated products on its website through Venzee's software via its Shopify integration. Renee Breen, vice-president of Korbet Bleu, commented: "We consider Venzee an extension of our team. The automation has been an invaluable resource and nothing compares to the reliability, dependability, and teamwork we have experienced. Venzee is our right hand that's always there to handle inventory, saving us a massive amount of time. The time savings has turned into money savings. Using Venzee has been the best decision we have made and enabled us the freedom to spend more time on other areas of our business."

Peter Mackay, chief executive officer of Venzee, commented: "Enabling our partners to concentrate in other areas of their business is an important reason why we are removing spreadsheets from the table. Venzee provides a rich, error-free experience, and we are pleased to provide Korbet Bleu with the service their innovative products deserve."

Venzee provides high-value customized software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to mid-market and Tier 1 enterprise clients around the world. Additionally, it accommodates the budgets of up and coming retailers hosted on platforms like Shopify.

According to Statista, in 2016, the global e-commerce industry achieved estimated $1.8-trillion (U.S.) in sales and is expected to grow to $4.5-trillion (U.S.) by 2021. As e-commerce sales continue to grow at staggering rates, the need for better delivery of product information for businesses is now solved with the Venzee software solution.