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Venzee selected to update products for Japanese firm

A leading Japanese manufacturer and wholesaler has chosen Venzee Technologies Inc. to deliver enriched, error-free product information to retailers. This company distributes and manufactures products around the world, including Europe, America and more, and has chosen Venzee's platform to update products to its e-commerce site and update its global manufacturing business.

Using artificial intelligence, Venzee transforms product information from suppliers and manufacturers into the requirements of retailers, a labour-intensive and costly process that the retail industry still performs using spreadsheets.

Peter Mackay, chief executive officer of Venzee, commented: "We continue to work with multiple industries around the world to reduce human error, increase return on investment and efficiency in e-commerce businesses. As we continue to onboard clients, our aim is to increase our monthly recurring revenue through the quick and efficient integration of our software for our enterprise clients and will continue this trend throughout 2018."

Venzee provides high-value customized software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to mid-market and Tier 1 enterprise clients around the world. Additionally, it accommodates the budgets of up-and-coming retailers hosted on platforms like Shopify, with pricing starting from $49 (U.S.) per month.

According to Statista, in 2016, the global e-commerce industry achieved estimated $1.8-trillion (U.S.) in sales and is expected to grow to $4.5-trillion (U.S.) by 2021. As e-commerce sales continue to grow at staggering rates, the need for better delivery of product information for businesses is now solved with the Venzee software solution.