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Venzee Technologies adds Autopilot to platform

Venzee Technologies Inc. has launched an enhancement to its platform: Autopilot, an artificial intelligence (AI) product that receives information from suppliers and transforms this into rich, on-line products on Amazon, Shopify or WooCommerce using Venzee's platform.

Kate Hiscox, founder and president of Venzee, commented: "Autopilot brings the power of artificial intelligence to retailers who wouldn't normally be able to afford, or build technology as sophisticated as Autopilot. This represents a substantial return on investments for our customers and retail partners who use our product."

Autopilot works by acting as an inbox for retailers. Suppliers send spreadsheets to Autopilot via e-mail which, based on the retailer's preferences, automatically transforms the information contained in these spreadsheets using Venzee's platform into content rich, error-free products that are added to solutions like Amazon and Shopify, automatically.

A store can be integrated with Autopilot in four simple steps; register at the Venzee website, share your e-mail with supply chain, customize output settings to get your desired results and connect your on-line store in less than 60 seconds.

"The addition of Autopilot to the Venzee platform is a game changer for up-and-coming retailers," continued Ms. Hiscox. "Suppliers use spreadsheets to share new products and updates with retailers which creates a labour-intensive and costly step in their workflow. With Autopilot, it's as simple for retailers as sharing a new e-mail address with their supply chain."

Currently, Autopilot supports Amazon, Shopify and WooCommerce.

According to Statista, in 2016, the global e-commerce industry achieved an estimated $1.8-trillion (U.S.) in sales, and is expected to grow to $4.5-trillion (U.S.) by 2021. As e-commerce sales continue to grow at staggering rates, the need for better delivery of product information for businesses is now solved with the Venzee software solution in this $23-million (U.S.) retail industry (source: Statista).